Late Space is an experimental gallery and salon.

Our goal is to nurture critical conversation that bridges the gap between analysis and action.

We believe that spaces for art and discussion should be an integral part of everyday life, as mundane as the grocery store.

Our goal is to be a simple gathering place where people can have meaningful dialogue and connect people and ideas whether with familiar or unfamiliar. 

To achieve this, we have thoughtfully designed the operations of the gallery better serve the needs of both artists and communities.

Our Principles


The work is new.

We believe a lot of the most exciting work happens at unpredictable moments. Unlike many galleries, where artists must submit all works for approval about a year in advance of a show, we select working artists and allow them to keep creating, right up until the last minute. We believe this makes us the most contemporary gallery yet. It enables far more experimentation, creation of larger more ambitious peices, and work that might otherwise not be shown in a commercial setting. Our artists can integrate past and current work, to make work that is relevant as of late. 


The artist is present.

We seek to be equally mundane and extraordinary - by being in the routine of exploring complexity regularly. The artists whose work is shown at Late Space are always present for their openings so that viewers can engage directly with them, and so that they can take in reactions to their work. This enables a level of connection that is rare at many galleries, but in practice enhances the experience for all participants. Artists are always members of the local community.


Praxis is the purpose.

Praxis is the act of moving theory or mindset into an embodied or realized action. Late Space seeks to act as a platform for viewers and artists alike to fluidly enact philosophy, rather than merely thinking it, or rather than simply doing it. It can be challenging for artists and viewers to find structured ways to engage in making, critiquing, and making again. While ours is a small initiative, we work to be a space that helps the community engage in creation, evaluation, and iteration as a group to explore meaning.  

Our History 

Late Space opened it’s doors to the public in April of 2017.  It began with a single show. Primarily because the founder, Catherine Oldershaw, wasn’t convinced Garfield needed another gallery. She was open to the space fitting the needs of the community, and integrating into what already exhisted, rather than creating something as an outsider. After finding an artist who previously had been unable to find a space to showcase work, she held the first show.  The overwhelming attendance and impact of the show convinced her to have another, and another, ad infinitum.
Each artist shapes the organization. After each show, artists are asked how the space can better support emerging work; in this slow co-design process, the structure of the organization is iteratively shaped by artists over time. Pittsburgh has more talented artists than venues to support their work, and in particular artists with  intellectually challenging work struggled to find the right venue. Late Space began to fill this void, and others, like enabling self-curation, supporting last minute changes, allowing controversial content, modifying the space itself, and  many others. 

While best known as a gallery, the space also serves as a salon: a place for talks and for groups that would benefit from access to a non-commercial venue. The goal is to serve as a platform for critical dialogue, whether sparked by art, design, literature, theatre, music, food, or other  sources of knowledge. Several groups regularly meet in the space, and more with compelling missions are always welcome. 


Rather than exist on principles alone, we have several key balances that we strive to maintain. We believe that this helps to acknowledge the dynamic relationship of an organization better than principles alone. Moreover, it helps remind us that accomplishing one goal at the expense of another is not an accomplishment at all. 

Every show seeks to balance these key dimensions to provide an  experience that contributes thoughtfully to the community of artists and neighbors.
+ Elevated

+ Playful
+ Exciting
+ Conversational
High Impact
+ Low Cost


We are a dedicated few. 
If you’d like to join, we are looking for install assistants, gallery docents, and curatorial interns. For all other roles, you are welcome to pitch us.

Founder: Catherine Oldershaw
Music Coordinator: Bridget Deely
Mascat: Napster